MeganM“I’ve created the relationship that I’ve always wanted and become the sole owner of my business. If you’re considering working with Marabeth – Just do it!!!”

“Working with Marabeth has been so worth is not only because of the tangible outcomes I’ve created, but also because it’s given me a stronger sense of self. I now know that I’m here to do amazing things and I’m doing them my way! I no longer care about the stuff I used to complain about, or I just change it! You can’t put a price tag on having the life you’ve always wanted – it’s priceless!”

- Megan M., Maryland

Anonymous“Marabeth . . . something wonderful has happened. I’m in a relationship!! I am really living the life I’ve always been meant to live but never realized it.”

“Needless to say, I would never be living in the city of my dreams, with the job of my dreams, living in the apartment of my dreams, dating the man of my dreams if it weren’t for you!!”

- Lisa K., Washington

MalissaL“I’m now in a relationship with the man I’m going to marry!!! I learned how to own my self-worth and break the cycle of getting into better-than-nothing relationships. Working with Marabeth is SO worth it!”

“Marabeth helped me be content with myself, first and foremost, and then I was ready for my ‘Mr. Right’ to come along and he has! Now I know that I can get my needs met and be in the relationship that I’ve always wanted!!! I got so much value out of really visualizing and writing out my goals so that I could take concrete actions and stop spinning my wheels. Having her hold me accountable for what I said I wanted really helped me stay the course and not give up! Marabeth’s encouraging and engaging approach was really important to me because I felt so invested in. She really held the space for me to create my dream relationship. If you’re ready to ‘do your work’, dig deep, love yourself and get a little uncomfortable in service of growing and creating what you really want, then Marabeth is the coach for you! She will guide you lovingly through your process while holding you accountable to become the woman you’ve always wanted to be and actually are from the inside-out! As women we always put ourselves on the back burner, so if you’re not going to invest in yourself then who are you going to invest in? Having someone stand for you until you create the relationship you’ve always wanted is priceless – You can’t put a value on it!!!”

- Malissa L., Maine

JenV“I have a newfound sense of freedom and feel like a quality significant other relationship is possible and on the horizon! You can’t put a price tag on the work I’ve done with Marabeth – It’s invaluable!!!

Working with Marabeth pulled me out of a state of stagnation and desperation. I was able to let go of my ‘relationship baggage’ from the past so that it no longer hindered me and I’m now dating! I’ve also started my own business and it’s launched and growing! Through our work I’ve discovered my life’s purpose and am living with intention and focus vs. being in reaction mode. By recognizing and owning my worth, I have a newfound outlook on life and am optimistic about the future! In addition to new awareness about myself, I’ve created tangible results. I left each of our coaching sessions with practical ways to change my life and create the results I want. Taking consistent action left me feeling renewed. Working with Marabeth absolutely met and exceeded my expectations. I have a whole new outlook on life!”

- Jen V., Texas

Anonymous“I could not have imagined that life coaching would also be life-saving. I highly recommend Marabeth as a skilled and effective life coach.”

“Marabeth helped me to create a plan to catch up on my medical appointments, which I had delayed for nearly two years. Long story short, a screening mammogram led to other tests and a diagnosis of breast cancer. The early detection has put the odds in my favor of recovery. What if I had continued to delay? The cancer would have grown and spread, possibly to a terminal stage.”

- Lori W., Tennessee

SimoneR“I now have the career of my dreams! Thank you so much Marabeth!”

“I always knew I wanted to graduate from college but never dreamed of applying to graduate school until I worked with Marabeth to create my career path. Through our work together I’ve gained clarity about my career goals, obtained my Master’s Degree and graduated with honors. I owe you this recognition and so much more!!!”

- Simoné R., Georgia

Anonymous“Thank you Marabeth for helping me turn my dreams into reality. For anyone thinking to work with Marabeth, I highly recommend her and her work!”

“The vision we created together to work in a field to better the world has so miraculously been brought into being. Down to the smallest details, I am often amazed and inspired how they are so similar to the plan that we constructed together. All the blocks and obstacles to stepping into your higher purpose are addressed, and an individual’s core essence is brought to life. From this place of strength one then moves elegantly into the higher calling of their soul. Marabeth taught me that doing what I love is not selfish but rather a gift to humanity. May each of you find your gifts and share them with the world whoever you are!”

- Vian M., Washington, D.C.

JennaG“I worked with Marabeth and could not be happier with my decision. She is a fantastic life coach!”

“Being a coach myself, I thought I was able to see my blind spots yet I was not. Marabeth has a way of clearing away the fog with love and compassion. I have gained peace, authenticity, and true power from working with her. As far as tangible goals, my life coaching practice grew and I fostered a healthy family with my boyfriend and his children. Marabeth helped me hold up a mirror to myself and not judge what I saw. I always knew I was never alone, because she knew what I was going through. Marabeth is about results and that is what I saw! I highly recommend her to anyone, especially people that want to experience change in any area of life!”

- Jenna G., New York

MonaM“Marabeth created the environment to allow me to grow and evolve. As my coach, Marabeth absolutely met my expectations!”

“I was able to shift from being bombarded by life to actively choosing to be a part of the process. She did a great job of keeping things moving while always meeting me where I was at during our coaching relationship. I now know that I can have work/life/relationship balance and fully own that I can be exactly who I am! Through our work together I have a specific skill set to navigate life now and I realize, acknowledge and accept my potential!”

- Mona M., New York

LeannaL“If you need someone in your corner, Marabeth is the one you want! I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her shining a bright light on my True Essence!”

“She is full of love and was dedicated to having me stand in my own greatness!”
- Leanna L., Pennsylvania