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As cheesy as it sounds, I truly believe LOVE is the magical stuff that holds our very cells together. Someday, Science will catch up with this theory of mine. Until then, I stand by it. Life is an adventure and it’s truly wonderful when you have someone to share it with!

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quotation openI always just ‘knew’ that someday I wanted to get married and have children. So, I dated in high school and college and my studies, work and volunteer service led me to West Africa, Israel, Australia, Spain, and all over Europe where I travelled, explored and generally lived life full-steam ahead…while always being open to meeting my Mr. Right! In fact, just before I left the U.S. to live in Israel for 2 years, I almost got engaged to a wonderful man. People told me I was crazy not to marry him, but my intuition seemed to whisper – He’s not THE ONE. I finally realized that even though he’s wonderful that it didn’t mean I needed to marry him. In retrospect, I’m so glad I listened to and trusted myself.

quotation openAfter seeing my girlfriends meet their significant others, get engaged and get married – I was feeling really frustrated! I was older than them and ready to meet my significant other – so why wasn’t it happening?!? Feelings of deep anger and then sadness verging on despair had me fighting back tears at the most inappropriate times – Think: over lunch with colleagues at work, and I realized I had to do something to work through it. I chose to talk with a therapist and what I got from it was learning to trust the dating process, and keep moving forward. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy for my girlfriends, but I wondered if I was doing something wrong?

quotation openAfter dating a veritable U.N. – like contingent of men of different ethnic and religious backgrounds, I thought it would be great if I could date someone who shared my religious practice – The Bahá’í Faith. Considering it’s a fairly young religion with only about 5-6 million Bahá’ís worldwide, you can see how this presented a unique challenge a.k.a…. the statistical odds weren’t in my favor to say the least, but I didn’t let that stop me. It’s kind of like the marketing principle goes: If you narrow your niche (what your selling or who you’re serving) – you can actually connect with more people who are the ‘right fit’ for your product or services. It feels anti-intuitive, but in terms of dating, zeroing in on the qualities, characteristics, and top conditions of satisfaction you’re looking for in a significant other can actually help you find him – even if it happens to mean fishing in a smaller pond. So, I read books, worked with coaches, attended workshops, put myself out there & targeted my search. Through several mishaps and adventures – I found my husband!

Against all statistical odds – I, literally, MANIFESTED MY MAN!


Some of my process included:

1     CLEARING out my baggage and relationship patterns from the past !
2 CONNECTINGwith who I was and what I truly wanted !
3 CREATING the relationship, husband and marriage of my dreams !


If I hadn’t done my work, I know I would have missed out on the love of my life. I have walked my talk, Ladies. I know that



and I’m passionately committed to paying-it-forward
and empowering other women to do the same!

I work with professional women who
have it all and are READY to meet their life partner.

If NOW is the time and you’re ready to take the FIRST STEP,
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As an Ontologically trained life coach, educator, author and entrepreneur, I have been passionately working for years to empower and inspire people to live their best lives. I started my coaching practice to support people in living purpose-driven lives and my blog ‘Single to Smitten’ to serve as a platform for my true calling in relationship coaching and the empowerment of professional women.

Single to Smitten is intended as a catalyst for professional women to generate support and empowerment in service of creating relationships that are worthy of them.  I partner with women to optimize their mindset, create individualized action plans and provide effective tools and strategies to create tangible and sustainable results.

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and affiliate of Accomplishment Coaching. I hold a degree in Education from Middle Tennessee State University, and am trained in NeuroLinguistic Programming, Non-Violent Communication, and cutting edge Ontological Personal Transformation techniques, to name a few. Besides Single to Smitten, I’m the author of a monthly blog titled Inside-Out which is part of Soul Pancake and featured on Oprah.com. In addition, I’m a Life & Work Expert on MommyCoach.com.